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  • What gear do you gig with?

Fender strat USA with S-8 Klein & SSL-5 pickups, 1984 Tokia Goldstar Sound, Line 6 Variax 500, Gibson Les Paul (all left handed)

For effects and amplification, Boss ES8  with Buffalo TDX, Tree of Life, Iron Bell, Green Muff, Timeline Delay, Flange, Phase, Boss RT20 in the loop, Vox wah, Boss expression pedal, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal. AMPS Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36 and Line 6 DT25 running wet/dry rig.

  • When did you start to play?


Very late in life, about 2003 I think, I'm a self taught musician, I heard a friend of mine play Mother on an acoustic and it blew me away, I knew then I had to play guitar, so Mother was the first song I learnt to play and haven't looked back since!

  • What is your favourite track to play?

To be honest I enjoy them all, there is just one track I don't like, and that's Dogs of War!

  • Who are your influences?

Apart from Pink Floyd; ELO, Cream, The Who, Stones, Beatles... the list goes on & on. Whilst growing up in the 60's - 70's, my elder brother used to bring home some great music, it was in 1973 when I first heard Dark Side Of the Moon and that was it for me, I was hooked! 

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