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  • What gear do you gig with?


Roger Waters Signature Fender P Bass, South Korean Fender Squire 1989 P Bass (hybrid), Yamaha RBX270 1994 Bass, Aria custom fretless Bass, Ampeg SVT-7 Pro head, Ampeg Pro Neo PN-410HLF cabinet.

Played through rack-mounted:
Samson Powerbrite PB10 Pro, Line 6 G90 Relay wireless, Korg Pitchblack Pro tuner,  TC Electronic D-Two delay
TC Electronic M350 effects processor,  Electro Harmonix Nano Bassballs envelope filter pedal

  • When did you start to play?


Self-taught bassist for over 25 years now, with far too many influences spanning a multitude of genres. A relatively late starter, I picked up my first bass aged 19, a 1990 Korean-made Fender Squire in frost red together with a 50w Carlsboro amp, all bought on a whim from the local music shop. Then together with 2 old school friends we started out on the road to find the 'perfect' groove - which I now know never did (and never will) exist! But onwards we went, from front room to college discos ploughing our trade, until we finally broke into the big time in 1997, headlining the classic but now defunct Sunnyhill Festival as part of 'The Jimmy Hill Experience'. Unsurprisingly, high praise, hot chicks and aspirations of reaching the so-called 'promised land' of fame and fortune never quite materialised....

  • Who are your influences?

Roger Waters, Guy Pratt, Nick Seymour, Guy Berryman ,John Entwistle ,Matt Malley, Johnny Colt ,Jeff Ament, Patrick Dahlheimer, D'arcy Wretzky, Stephanie Ashworth

  • Favourite songs to perform ?

Echoes/Sorrow/Shine On You Crazy Diamond/Money

  • Five things you can’t live without?

Good friends, laughter, music, cider & chinese food!

  • What was the first tune(s) you learned to play?

Waterfall (Stone Roses), Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)

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