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  • What gear do you gig with?


Sonor Force 3007 Maple (sunburst), Mapex tomahawk snare, Roto toms, Dream Energy 14" high hat, 22" ride, dream contact 18" crash, istanbul agop 16" crash.

  • Profile

Born late 1960's, married with 2 children

Interests (outside of the band) - spending time with the family & coaching rugby

Time with Band: - Since 2015

Always had an interest in drumming, even from a small age I used to drive my Dad mad by tapping my fingers on the back seat of the car on long journeys. Bought my first kit when I was 18 years old, but unfortunately due to work commitments couldn't pursue it any further until I was invited to join the band in 2015.


  • Who are your influences?

Musically (Other than Pink Floyd): Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Free, Cream, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Dylan, Bowie, plus Punk, Classical / contemporary Jazz, Mozart - quite a selection!

Comically: - Derek & Clive, Monty Python, Spike Milligan, Fawlty Towers and of course the never-ending banter at rehearsals!


  • Favourite song to perform?

Too many classic Pink Floyd tracks to choose from, but Money would be in my top three, along with Echoes


  • The first Pink Floyd song you learnt to play?

The Wall.

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