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John Chilvers

Lead Guitar / Rhythm

Whilst growing up in the 60's - 70's, my elder brother used to bring home some great music, it was in 1973 when I first heard Dark Side Of the Moon that heartbeat, them clocks, that was it for me i was hooked!

I'm a self-taught musician who started playing very late in life, about 2003. I heard a friend play Mother on an acoustic and it blew me away. I knew then that I had to play the guitar, so Mother was the first song I learnt to play. A friend and I got together and played along to drum & bass backing tracks and formed a covers band called Not Now Jhon, the spelling mistake was from my late sister who always wrote it that way. A few years passed, and band members came & went, but I was never satisfied so decided to form a Pink Floyd tribute band and haven't looked back since! 

Equipment: 1984 Tokai Goldstar, Fender Strat 2000, Gibson Les Paul, Line 6 Variax 600, G&L Asat Classic, 1960's Columbus Slide all running into a Helix Floor unit.


Mark Hasler

Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Self-taught bassist for over 30 years with far too many influences spanning a multitude of genres and styles.

A relatively late starter, I picked up my first bass aged 19, a 1990 Korean-made Fender Squire in frost red with a 50w Carlsboro amp, all bought on a whim from the local music shop. Together with 2 old school friends, we started out on the road to find the 'perfect' groove - which I now know never did (and never will) exist!

Roger Waters, Guy Pratt, Nick Seymour, Guy Berryman, John Entwistle , Pino Palladino, Matt Malley, Johnny Colt,Jeff Ament, Patrick Dahlheimer, D'arcy Wretzky, Stephanie Ashworth
South Korean Fender Squire 1989 P Bass (hybrid), Fender Jazz 2010, Aria Pro II custom fretless, Ibanez SDGR 5-string, Yamaha RBX270,Line 6 Helix LT multi-effects processor


James Millar


I blame Edward Bilcliffe, my grandfather, who used to entertain WWII US Bomber crews in Lincoln with musical evenings. This so inspired my mother that she sent me to music school. Some years later, I find myself playing Shine On You Crazy Diamond. This track is for everyone.

With a lot of care, I swing my 1964 Low B flat Baritone away and bring in my 1966 Tenor - both Selmer Mark VI (Guadala Studio & La Coz Medium for those that care).

Latterly a permanent member of The Signatures Northern Soul Band, I played with the likes of Tommy Hunt, Eddie Holman, Bobby Wilson, and Nolan Porter, touring the UK at Theatres and large festivals. This forced me to emulate the US soul sax giants of the 60s. In Wish You Were Here I’ll always try to pop in an altissimo F#, whilst in Us & Them it’ll be a C# above the A flat that Dick Parry always adored. 
I also studied guitar under Stefan Joubert of the London Guitar Institute, a South African master, sax tutor is the well-known Andy Brush. Lead for Grubsers London house band and group teacher at associated music school. PHatSound lead guitar & Sax, and currently fronting own band MJO.


John Chapman

Lead Vocals

Born in London, Mile End, June 1969.I have been singing and performing live music for 10 plus years.

I have a very distinctive and powerful vocal range, which enables me to take on all three roles of Barrett, Walters & Gilmour’s vocal parts whilst performing and singing pink Floyd’s music.Influences:
I have a wide range of musical tastes ranging from Country, Folk, Reggae to Heavy metal with vocal influences ranging from Jonny Cash, Marty Robins, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Kings of Leon .
Live Music: 
Favourite live show was when I was one of the chosen few, who attended the O2 on May 12,2011. Every Floyd fans dream ticket Dave Gilmour Performing Comfortably Numb on Roger Waters The Wall Tour, with a bonus cameo from Nick Mason’.


Martyn Routs

Rhythm Guitar

First picked up a guitar at the age of 5 which was a 1958 salmon pink Fender Strat owned by my sister’s boyfriend who was in a Shadows cover band and my romance for the instrument began.

The first thing I can recall learning and playing was “And I Love Her” by the Beatles purely due to the George Harrison Spanish guitar solo that I could play although serious guitar playing only really started after hearing Santana’s Abraxas album. 
After many years flogging dead horses on the pub scene, searched for my soul with stints on the function circuit only to discover the devil must have taken it. Although a wide range of musical tastes, my background is rooted in 70’s rock/prog rock, so when offered the opportunity to join The Post Floyd Dream in 2016 I jumped at the chance. Invested in a new set of strings, discovered the seventh augmented ninth chord and haven’t looked back since.
Hard pressed to choose a preferred Floyd song to perform but on its night Brain Damage / Eclipse take some beating.


Ben Hasler

Drums / Percussion

Been drumming since I was 8 years old. Courtesy of my dad I’ve grown up listening to the likes of The Police, Crowded House, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Dodgy & of course Pink Floyd to name but a few.

I listen to an extremely wide range of styles and genres, my favourite being Metal bands such as Architects, Sleep Token, Currents, Bad Omens, and Trivium plus heavy rock bands such as Alter Bridge.
My main early influence was the now sadly departed Taylor Hawkins, plus Dan Searle (Architects), Alex Bent (Trivium), II (Sleep Token) and the legendary Nick Mason.
The current gig rig is a 6-piece Pearl Export with Evans G1 tom heads and Evans Power Centre reverse dot snare head; the bass pedal of choice is the Pearl Demonator P-930. I use Istanbul XIST Agop cymbals with 14” hi-hat, 16” & 18” crash and a 20" ride.

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